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ACT: American College Test

The ACT is a university admission test like the SAT.  The ACT is accepted by a large number of universities in the U.S.

The ACT consists of four multiple-choice sections, plus an optional 40-minute essay:

  • English (75 questions, 45 minutes)
  • Mathematics (60 questions, 60 minutes)
  • Reading (40 questions, 35 minutes)
  • Science (40 questions, 35 minutes)

In each of the four main sections, you will receive a score out of 36. These are then averaged to give you your composite score, also out of 36. The essay is scored separately.

Although there is a choice between writing and no writing, almost all universities require the ACT Plus Writing.

The main ways in which the ACT differs from the SAT are that the ACT has a Science section (a reading comprehension test with science subject matter), a different essay prompt and style, and different section timings. Some students find the ACT easier than the SAT, and others find the SAT easier. Which test you take is often a matter of personal choice. Your tutor can help you decide which test is best suited to your knowledge and testing style.

See the ACT website for more information about the ACT

When can you take the ACT?

There are five administrations of the ACT each year in the U.S.: in October, December, February, April and June.  In selected states the ACT is also offered in September. Whilst there are presently no central London test centres for the ACT, it is possible to sit the exam in the UK. Visit the ACT website for more details. 

Re-Sitting the ACT

It isn't uncommon for students to re-sit the ACT. As your score improves so do your chances of being accepted into your first choice of university.

The ACT allows you to choose which set of scores is submitted with your university application. If you have the time and your tutor feels that you have the capability to improve your score, then re-sitting is worth serious consideration.

Our Tutors

S.T.Logic tutors have broad experience in test taking and we have a number of tutors who are experienced in providing tuition for the ACT. All tutors who teach the ACT have achieved a score of 36.

If you have any questions or want to book some tuition then please contact us.