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Deirdre (Student, SAT) "I just wanted to let you know that I got my SAT scores back from June and I got 780 math. I went from a 680 to a 780! I'M DONE! No more SATs! I'm now considering burning my prep book. Thank you so so much because I know that I would have never been able to get such a great score if I didn't have you as a tutor. You helped me so much in terms of both learning tips and tricks as well as stopping me from making myself my own worst enemy. Please know that you made such a difference to my experience with this and I never could've done it without you.
Thank you so much again."

Michael (Student, GMAT)
 "When I joined S.T. Logic, I had already taken a number of GMAT classes at one of the larger test preparation companies. This enabled me to compare both schools and I wholeheartedly recommend S.T. Logic for students who are taking the GMAT. S.T. Logic takes a much more personal approach in targeting student's quantitative/verbal weaknesses and motivates them throughout the process. Thank you Bob!"

Sophie (student, SAT Literature)
  "The tutoring I received from ST Logic in preparation for my Literature subject test was invaluable. I needed to push up my score urgently as the deadline for early applications was approaching, but thanks to the excellent help from my tutor I was able to keep calm during the test and ended up with a score of 790, which was 120 points higher than my first score! Without the focused training on spotting patterns in the texts, recognising the different styles of question and the answers they pointed to, and the friendly encouragement from my tutor, I would not have been able to improve so much."

Mary Nell (Parent, SAT, SAT French, SAT Math 2)  "The intellectual aspects of the S.T.Logic tutoring can be taken as a given.  The part with which I am even more impressed is the tutors' ability to encourage the students, keeping them challenged and feeling good about their ability to improve and do well on the test. Both of our daughters responded extremely well to the support given by the S.T.Logic tutors, and the confidence they gained from the sessions translated into excellent results on the SAT".

Divya (Student, SAT Math 2) 
 "I received my score last week. I got a 790 on the math test. I'm ecstatic.  I'm still in shock that it went up 100 points. I couldn't have done this without your help. I hope many people benefit from your unique teaching skills as I have."

Eliza (Student, SAT and Subject Tests)
 "Prior to my tutoring sessions with S.T.Logic, I had no confidence that I could ever achieve the scores I needed on the SATs. However, S.T.Logic raised my confidence level and helped me to receive scores I had never imagined I could possibly manage. They carefully examined my test taking skills and methods, and assisted me in altering my test taking process to find greater results. I became a closer reader and a faster question completer.  I was not aware of my potential on the Reasoning and Subject tests, but S.T.Logic revealed my capacity, and I cannot thank them enough for their invaluable assistance."

Constance Slaughter (Parent, SAT World History)
  "Rebecca was 'one of the most intelligent and inspiring teachers' Douglas ever had. He so enjoyed her lessons that 2 ½ hours after a long school day felt like a treat. She was also quite efficient because after just a couple of lessons, Douglas, aged 15, got a 720 score although he had never taken SAT-type tests before. He will have another go after this encouraging result.  Thanks again!"

Susan (Parent, SAT)
 "I just wanted to thank you myself for a sensational job with [my son]. You are tremendously talented, and I wanted you to know how much we all appreciate this"

Noah and Family
  "S.T. Logic was a real find for us.  In an environment where there are only a few people providing this service, Bob and his team approach their work with great flexibility, drive and an awareness of individual's needs, goals and abilities.  With the help of S.T.Logic, we were able to navigate these potentially murky and tumultuous waters and sail through with success and, believe it or not, humour. We couldn't recommend Bob and his team more."

Diana (Parent, SAT)
  "Just a note to thank both you and Bob for all your work helping my son Jamie with his SAT preparation - I have to honestly say I don't think we could have managed without your expertise , suggestions and patience! As Jamie is in the English system, he is not that familiar with the sort of questions and testing format that the SAT is made up of - and therefore, what was most important to us was that you both took the time to instruct on how to approach the exams, how to analyse the questions , and what to look out for when answering them. All of your advice was invaluable and both Jamie and I have found your time with him extremely well spent."

Elizabeth (Parent, SAT)
 "I have found S.T.Logic to be efficient in lesson planning, and adaptable in finding mutually agreeable places to hold lessons. Crucially, they also proved to be intelligent and perceptive about, as well as kind to, their pupil. We enlisted their services for SAT tutoring mainly because our son had not taken a maths class in a year and was bound to find it difficult. He had struggled with maths and felt his teachers abandoned hope, deeming him ineducable.  He was convinced he was hopeless at maths and there was no help for it. He had expected that S.T.Logic would help him gain some exam taking expertise, but he got much more than that. Much to our surprise, the tutor succeeded in teaching him more understanding of maths than he had been given in two years of classes. Also vital was the tutor's encouragement. His insistence that our son was capable of doing better gave him the confidence he needed in order to improve. Exam taking is a tricky business, depending on confidence and stamina as well as ability and skill. I believe S.T.Logic not only taught my son well, but gave him the confidence to do well."

Marci (Parent, SAT)
  "Andrew was an incredible tutor for our daughter. Organized, insightful and full of good test taking tactics. We will miss him and wish him the very best." 

Susan (Parent, SAT)
  "As you know we have now had experience with three different SAT tutors.  I asked Alex last night what was different about you. She quickly mentioned three things. First, she felt you worked to her issues, you were working with her on what she specifically needed. Secondly she said you provided strategies – a list of types of math problems, strategies for reading passages and for dealing with uncertainty.  Lastly she enjoyed being with you, you were fun but kept pushing her. The other two tutors both simply worked their way through problems, through the SAT book. No strategies, no personal directed help, and in one case the person was not even likeable!!  So – cannot thank you enough …….. Really you were so great!  Cannot thank you enough – regardless of results! "

Vladimir (Student, SAT)
  "When I first started my lessons with S.T. Logic I had no experience whatsoever with the SAT test.  My test date was looming in the very near future and I was uncertain as to whether I would manage to prepare myself sufficiently in such a short period of time. However a few lessons with the tutors at S.T. Logic changed my situation completely. The lessons made the SAT test seem simpler and much more familiar, so that I felt very comfortable when I finally had to take my test. I think that the lessons with S.T. Logic were extremely helpful, and I would like to thank them once more for helping me to achieve the score I needed in my SAT."

Mary Lou (Parent, SAT)
  "Let me begin by thanking you personally for your time with Tim.   It is not easy to pin a 17 year old boy down for 2 hours a week, especially Saturday mornings, but you did. You kept him engaged in the whole SAT review process. You managed to motivate him, while encouraging him to challenge himself. You had high expectations, you were honest and you were direct. You were also understanding of the hectic life these teenagers lead and were always willing to work with him on scheduling. We can't thank you enough...I am certainly grateful to have left the task to you." 

Ann (Parent, SAT)
  "As an American married to a Dutchman and living in the Netherlands, I was in dire straits when our eldest daughter, who has been in the Dutch school system, told us that she wanted to study in the States.  Luckily, we came across Bob Gormley from S.T.Logic, who reviewed our daughter's practice SATs and from there took over coaching her for the tests.  Needless to say, she did very well, mainly because of the thorough knowledge that Bob and his associates have of the exam, the professional way that they worked with her, and their genuine interest in having her excel. He was able to help her with the American terminology at the same time as she prepared.  Since then, I have recommended them to two friends who have had similar experiences, and just recently I was in London again, so that S.T.Logic could help my son with his IELTS.  This time we had a different colleague who also was of equal caliber to Bob---a wonderful experience."

Adam (Student, GMAT)
  "[S.T. Logic's GMAT Tutor] was the best teacher I've had in my entire life, and that includes my professors at university!" 

Belina (Student, GRE)
  "[My GRE Tutor's] skillful teaching, relaxed style, and agile brain helped re-kindle long forgotten maths skills and helped polish some rusty verbal skills. He makes it easy to question areas of uncertainty and he delivers material in a way that stays with you. My scores went up by 100 points for each section, which was exactly what I needed."  

Vanessa (Student, LSAT)
  "When you start studying for the LSAT, you realise there are many companies trying to market commercial, supposedly 'foolproof', methods to score highly. I have read most books on the LSAT made by the biggest test prep companies and even enrolled in a prep course, but none of these tools helped even half as much as one hour with [S.T. Logic's LSAT Tutor]. There is nothing like having someone competent enough to score in the highest percentiles and who has such extensive teaching experience talk you through a problem, tailor the methods to you, and show you on a personal level how to advance. [My LSAT Tutor's] masterful teaching helped me to tackle LSAT questions with confidence and to complete them both quickly and accurately. My score rose by more than ten points, and I am confident that this was pivotal in my gaining admission at a top law school. I recommend [S.T. Logic's LSAT Tutor] wholeheartedly!"