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How We Teach

We recognise the need to be fully flexible with the tuition that we provide. For that reason we offer the following types of tuition:

One-to-One & Pairs

At S.T. Logic we tailor our one-to-one and pairs lessons to your individual needs; it all depends on what you want to focus on. 

You may want your tutor to take you through our teaching materials and strategies or to go over particular questions that give you trouble. Your tutor can also advise you about how to get the most out of your preparation time, given your personal needs and goals. Many students find it helpful to have their tutor diagnose which sorts of questions are proving problematic and then cover the requisite background material and strategies. Your tutor can also spot ways you are perhaps getting the correct answers, but by inefficient means that take too long in a strictly timed exam, therefore causing you to run out of time for other questions. In such cases your tutor can show you ways to increase your speed without compromising your accuracy.

Not surprisingly, private lessons often end up being a combination of these activities.  The excellence of our tutors affords us the flexibility to meet your personal needs.

Small Group Weekly Course

Our small group weekly course is a great way to receive personalised tuition in a small group setting for half the private tuition rate. Although these lessons don't have the full flexibility of a one-to-one lesson, we still personalise each student's study as required. Small groups are made up of no more than four students per tutor and usually meet weekly.  

This format is popular with schools; S.T.Logic currently tutors groups of students at their schools on an ongoing basis. It is an effective and convenient way to receive consistent, high-quality tuition.

Alternatively, if tuition is not possible at your school but you know of other students wanting tuition for the same test, then contact us and we will try to organise a small group course for you at a suitable location.

Intensive SAT or ACT Tuition Course

Our Intensive SAT or ACT Tuition Courses run during the school holidays. These are attended by up to 12 students per class with a maximum student-tutor ratio of four-to-one.  These courses typically run from Monday to Friday with four hours of tuition each day.

This type of course is particularly useful for students who don't have a regular time in the week available for tuition, are at boarding school or attend school outside central London. See our Intensive Courses section for more information.


There are different hourly rates for our tutors and course fees will vary school to school depending on circumstances. Please contact us for more information.